Kinzelberg Consulting, LLC

Going the extra mile for IT Support and computer repairs you can count on

Company Overview

My name’s Matt, and I established Kinzelberg Consulting to make sure small businesses in Seattle, San Francisco, L.A. and beyond are able to utilize strategic IT customization, timely services, and responsive support. I’ve always been intrigued by technology; in fact, I started fixing computers in kindergarten. Naturally, my knowledge in IT expanded and I now have 15 years of industry experience in IT support and consulting, security, data backup, and PC and Mac repairs.

With Kinzelberg Consulting, you get my direct line for any support you need -- no call transfers, no cookie-cutter solutions. And because my team is able to fix issues remotely, rest assured there will be minimal disruption to your daily operations or your bottom line. From computer tuneups and internet troubleshooting to software training and IT optimization, we have you covered.

The Kinzelberg Consulting Vision

We strive to be your IT one-stop shop, your single point of contact for your technology needs. We tackle every issue with urgency, no matter how big or small. With our extensive technology expertise, you can expect timely and reliable support no matter where you are located. Our goal has always been to help business owners like yourself save time and money with fast and affordable support.


The Kinzelberg Consulting Mission

It has always been our priority to serve the IT needs of consumers and small businesses with customized services, cutting-edge solutions, and timely support. We make things as simple for our clients as possible by offering a direct line for all their needs and leveraging years of expertise to fix issues remotely. This minimizes disruptions and allows our clients to get back to work quickly no matter where they’re located.

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