Network Configuration

Performance optimization for high availability
and reliability

Small businesses rely heavily on their network to ensure data and application security and stability. Without proper network configuration, you lose functionality, connectivity, and mobility, all of which impedes business growth.

With Kinzelberg Consulting’s Network Configuration service, you’ll get security devices to make sure your network is secure, properly configured, and operating at its best. Through meticulous network assessment, operational data can then be used to optimize your network and minimize network bottlenecks.

The majority of network problems are due to configuration mistakes; reinforce your competitive edge today.

Benefits of our Network Configuration solution include:

  • Maximum security, performance, and availability
  • Enhanced wireless connectivity for better mobility
  • Centralized network management for complete operational visibility
  • Scalable network infrastructure to accommodate your changing needs
  • 24/7 support whenever you need us
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Apple Certified Support Professional