Protect your network, your data, and all your hard work from online threats

Malware, like viruses and ransomware, are some of today’s most common yet malicious cyber threats. Leaving your network and IT systems inadequately protected could lead to costly problems like data loss and system malfunctions, both of which translate into expensive downtime. This is where Kinzelberg Consulting’s Security solution comes in.

We keep your IT systems safe using security best practices, multi-layer protection, data encryption, and real-time threat identification and elimination. Simply put, your entire technology infrastructure is accounted for, allowing you to rid yourself of tedious routine checkups so you can get back to work.

Whether you’re a residential user or a small-business owner, it’s imperative to prevent online threats from infiltrating your systems to ensure the longevity of your
IT investment.

Benefits of our Security solution include:

  • Protection from malware like viruses and ransomware
  • Web content management
  • Network intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Mobile device encryption schemes
  • Multi-layer protection, including data encryption, firewall and more
  • Operating system and application patch management
  • 24/7 support whenever you need us
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Apple Certified Support Professional